UVD Robots

Get to know the new generation of disinfection! Our new partner is the UVD Robots!

UVD RobotsToday’s most effective way to disinfect can be connected to the UVD Disinfectant robot. Clinically proved disinfectant UVD light kills all known viruses, bacteria, and all other pathogens, including COVID-19, SARS, and MERS viruses.

UV-C light disinfects all surfaces in a clinically proved way without the use of disinfectant.

Quickly and effectively with UV light

The disinfection robot manufactured by UVD Robots, after a short training, travels and disinfects the selected areas automatically, without human intervention, thus preventing the possibility of human infection during disinfection or missed surfaces. The robot is completely independent with its sensors can automatically detects and avoids any obstacles in its path, so it can disinfect any room, be it an intensive care unit, operating room, emergency department or any hospital care area, with the help of UV-C lamps.

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Sizes: L: 93 cm x W: 66 cm x H: 171 cm
Total weight: 140 kg
Operating time with one charge: 2-2,5 hours (Disinfection of 9-10 rooms)
Battery charging: 4 hours
Disinfection coverage: 360 degrees complete
Disinfection time: 10-15 min. / room
Connection: wireless (Wi-Fi based)
Max. speed: 5,4 km / h
UV-C wavelength: 254 nm (UV-C rays)
Charging requirements: 220–240 VAC, 50 Hz, 6 amper
Safety: Emergency stop button based on software and sensors


Intensive classes
Operating room
Emergency department
Nursing classes
Other hospital care areas
Outpatient care section