Facility Management

Facility Management

Technical operation of institutions, technical operation of buildings, transformation works, building improvements, transformation works, building improvements, building maintenance, rental property maintenance, complete technical repairs. Our tasks consist of planned preventive maintenance as well as daily routine operations and error correction.

Main operating services

  • Building reservation performing tasks (construction errors, deviation control from plan, administering warranty repairs, management of building documentation, operating a supervision system).
  • Building maintenance, building automation administration, required periodic inspection, maintenance, documentation of building maintenance and building automation, contributing to the monitoring of building maintenance and building automation.
  • Non-Building Tool (gate, traverse, ramps, roads, sidewalks) checking, maintenance, slip exemption, snow clearing, dokumentation. Exterior area vegetation care.
  • Contributing to the preparation, implementation and periodic review of regulations required for the operation of fire protection systems.
  • Managing periodic inspections of fire protection equipment / components (fire alarm system, fire extinguishers, hydrants, hydrant cupboards, skylights, smoke extraction domes), maintenance, documentation and contribution to offical controls.
  • Maintenance of devices / elements of the air handling system (fans, fan-coils, split climate, outdoor-indoor units), documentation, contributing to the monitoring.
  • Maintenance of Heating system tools / components (gas boiler, gas burners, gas detection equipment), documentation, contributing to the monitoring. Checking gas consumption.
  • Review and inspection of electrical equipment / components, replace if necessary, maintenance, documentation. Checking power consumption.
  • Review and inspection of water / water treatment equipment / elements, maintenance, documentation. Checking water consumption.
  • Power management optimization, planning and optimization of operating costs.

Service of caregiver tasks
 (non-specialized activities, minor repair and adjustment tasks), as well as the life threatening, endanger of the property condition, interfering of intended use, ad hoc elimination of errors and shortcomings requiring non-recurring intervention. The repair work is not a significant value for some structures compared to the value of the building, it means the replacement of accessories and equipement or repairs and replacement.

Supply of reception service and security supervision.