Software development

Software development

In our experience, entrepreneurs and businesses that have a good understanding of their business and are up-to-date are sure to succeed in their business. We offer a quick, simple, cost-effective solution for this. What we offer is not a program, it is a way of life. Furthermore you do not need to use a professional team to work with your company, a software will help you. We offere a simple, user friendly program which does not require an administrator and do not have a team of collagues who keep track of deadlines, when and what to pay, or how the road register is. With our help you will have more time for what is really important. Let us do the logging work and we are guaranteed to spin your business so that with our efficient software you will have more time to do important things that bring you revenue and profits. According to the surveys accounting is the most profitable activity in the world. According to the financial analyzes, they have the highest profit margins in this sector. You can easily save your accountant’s salary now. Without an accountant, we do your daily work efficiently to deal with what is really important to you.

Our company is working every day to help our customers’ business to keep track of their bookings with the least amount of time, simpler, more efficient, and more flexible. We believe that small and medium-sized enterprises should also be given the opportunity to help their work and the development of their company with intelligent, modern, age-appropriate 21st century tools. We believe that small and medium-sized enterprises should also be given the opportunity to help their work and the development of their company with intelligent, modern, age-appropriate 21st century tools. Our programmes never miss in the maze of deadlines and laws, they work quickly and flawlessly so you can relax or deal with other business issues. Our purpose is to provide high quality service using our years of professional knowledge which We can help our customers effectively by simplifying their daily work. Buying smart software costs less than a minimum wage for a few months and it is not just cheap but discreet too. You do not need to see strangers in your accountancy, you can control everything by yourself, the informations are only visible to you and the NAV.

Road record:
Anyone who works is making mistake, but in the road record these errors can be filtered out in no time. Our Tracking Software runs dozens of checks to detect any fault. The software does not modify the input data but warns of any errors or inputs that may be a potential source of errors. The road record is required for entrepreneurs and has strict formal requirements and if you do not want to spend hours to filling it just let yourself to our road record programme. With our programme you can save a lot of time and you can be sure that it will be flawless and comply with tax laws.

Invoice Register:
Do you need an up-to-date record of your business and your accountant does not pick up your phone? You do not need it. Our account recorder knows everything right away, and moreover, you never cover your tables with account mountains. With our invoice register, you can easily, quickly, and book your revenue and expenses yourself. And what is the best, you can do it anywhere, anytime, without special expertise. Less accounting work, more transparency, accurate accounting for minutes. If you want transparent, correct bookkeeping, if you don’t want to keep paying a fine, choose us! Accurate accounting is not only about friendship but also on good business relationships. The billing program is one of the fastest returning investments, saving you money and time. The project management knows what most good projects fails? Deadline slippage and the fact that most of the tasks lie with the project manager or manager, who occasionally get lost in the sea of tasks and deadlines. Our system provides an efficient solution for all project management tasks and problems. Using our program, deadlines can be maintained, and you can control anything from anywhere. The administrative burden is reduced to a minimum, all the actual data of the project can be recorded immediately, and all information can be accessed immediately, even on holiday or while traveling. There are no more forgotten deadlines and uninvited customers just because they wrote down on the desktop calendar or on a cetl what to do. The software does not forget anything, warns everything, and it will reflect your professionalism.

Leadership Decision Support
Could you tell me how much you have spent with your employees in the past year? If you need to think about it, it is time to get to know our management decision support program. Precision, Accurate Thinking and Great Memory have not all of us given, but we can do all this with our simple, fast, user-friendly program that instantly answers all your statistical questions. Ending horribly boring, time-consuming, energy-saving statistics, you do not have to bother with numbers anymore, just leave it to us. You see everything you need quickly, precisely, up-to-date. One click and everything is right in front of your eyes.

Document Management
Your secretary is in holiday and you do not have any ideas where to look for her next client contract? You do not need an assistant at most if you wanted to make coffee. Not in coffee cooking, but in document management we are excellent. Trust us your document management! Our document management system is very simple and logical, following the process of your thought, solving the tasks of preparing, storing, filing, searching, and checking documents. The program significantly simplifies workflows, making company information available at any time, safely, quickly, and easily. You do not have to search for a lot of folders anymore. A few clicks and you already have the document which you are looking for. According to statistics, a third of documents are never found first. This chaos is now over. Contracts, customer lists, accurate data, addresses, phone numbers, quotes are available immediately and transparently.

Objective device treatment
Already stressed in November due to year-end inventory? It is unnecessary. With our tangible asset management program, you can instantly get accurate, up-to-date data on all your tangible and intangible assets in your business. With our help, you can check the total assets of your company throughout its life cycle. You can also book the most common transactions related to the tangible asset quickly and easily. Tangible asset management is required for all businesses, but it takes disproportionately long time to work compared to importance. It is over now. In moments you can do this job yourself. You do not have to worry more about device inventory, this program does it for you, so you can only do what makes money and profit for your business.

Unique softwares
There are not two same compenies so why would there be two same software? As businesses differ in profile, operation, material use, finance, their software usage needs are completely different. The purpose of our unique software development is to ensure that our programs fit into the company’s tasks, goals and needs. Our software knows everything your business needs, but they don’t have any unnecessary functions. Our software is aligned with the customer, working in a simple, user-friendly way, but with new functions, if needed. We offer custom-tailored, up-to-date IT solutions that are efficient, accurate, secure, and quick to pay. For us, you are not just a buyer, but a business partner whose successful operation we do everything. We help you save money by making customized software to make your business easier. Reduce your costs and increase your revenue while saving you a lot of time. We strive to ensure that our customers are able to perform as fast, high-quality, and efficient work as possible with the least cost of wages. And all this is as easier as possible. We install and train the software and you have nothing else to use. We will take the brigade of work off your shoulder, save you a lot of wasted time, and do not worry about materials, the software will cost you a few months.


Customer register module:

  • customers, partners, company records
  • recording at least 40 kinds of data from a company
  • the data is stored in a structure defined by NAV
  • register of the customer contacts
  • listing of stored projects, events, tasks, documents, and invoices associated with the client
  • listing routes related to customers
  • customer records
  • connecting private clients to companies
  • Possibility to include an unlimited number of categories with rating options
  • reports

HR module (an integral part of the financial module, optional):

  • employee records
  • NAV standard addressing, tax number, unlimited data entry fields
  • working time records
  • Print attendance sheets
  • possibility to delegate user to the main framework
  • possibility to reports
  • complete working time records

Project manager module (basic):

  • managing projects and project types
  • project – task – event notes
  • well-mapped operation based on hierarchy
  • complete budget management (from design to realization)
  • Manage templates for task types (the new task inherits the events specified by the task type)
  • recording events
  • recording tasks with deadline, warning
  • handling comments by sticker
  • delegating colleagues, appointing responsible persons
  • Timeline function
  • roles
  • complete history
  • linking to the financial module, full budget

A. Marketing automation function:

  • parameterization of a predefined, queryable sales process
  • managing tasks (projects task)
  • timeline view (simple follow-up of project events and changes)
  • project event management
  • project notes management
  • integrated file manager for managing project (or tasks) files

B. Calendar: (Show all elements of project management in the calendar)

  • automatically import calendar data for Google Calendar
  • possibility of recording in the calendar
  • possibility to choose views
  • Separate responsible / delegated schedules and performance queries
  • Integrated notification (internal and external)

Route and Vehicle Tracking Module:

  • planning routes using the GMAPS API
  • route planning, optional route alternatives
  • real-time planning
  • 2 settlement options according to the NAV standards
  • routes, partners, workers, projects, vehicles
  • up-to-date administration of vehicle mileage
  • control points (checking the route using checkpoints – built-in control method – based on 14 different parameters)
  • dated, forward, and post-recorded routes
  • print travel order
  • blocked printing for a particular vehicle or employee
  • queries
  • learning function (the system learns the preferred routes and recommends it immediately)
  • travel order – print a copy of a blank copy when you change it
  • Fuel account according to the norm of NAV settlement
  • Track fixed time per vehicle with warning (sticker, technical exam, etc.)

Financial module:

  • pre-configured, intelligent system, the user is able to prepare the accounting with minimal knowledge
  • recording of incoming and outgoing invoices
  • linking invoices to a project, adding a comment
  • a separate data base for billing items, and can be expanded with unlimited product areas
  • mass fixation → faster administration
  • searchable, filterable database
  • producing excel reports from the displayed data, data export function
  • recording of account transactions, tracking of financial transactions related to invoices
  • this can handle several different companies with optional profiles
  • all accounts can be linked to one or more projects
  • managing ledger numbers
  • export-import opportunity for popular accounting software

HR module:

  • employee records
  • NAV standard addressing, tax number, unlimited data entry fields
  • working time records
  • Print attendance sheets
  • possibility to delegate user to the main framework
  • possibility to reports
  • complete working time records

Leadership Decision Support Module:

  • produces statistics based on the modules you choose
  • takes all the preliminary data into account
  • anticipating trends
  • anticipating trends
  • VAT analysis, periodic balance priority queries
  • built-in support management
  • installing control points
  • you can work with a combination of dozens of filters
  • client, project, project type, profile (register companies), can limit the statement for a period
  • possibility to export
  • ten different, optional values, plus 3, can be used to represent the calculated values

Training register module:

  • for training companies, a documentation system in line with the Adult Education Act
  • registration of training courses
  • course templates (the new course inherits the template data)
  • registration of students
  • registration of the data base of trainers
  • filling in forms (either one by one, or it can automatically produce documents with a given pattern for all permutations of a given series of values)
  • list of training participants, catalog
  • recording of training dates per training
  • built-in device management system (teacher, classroom, equipments)
  • automatic cost table, cost calculation
  • cost-benefit- hedge contribution calculation per customer
  • Manage dynamically editable, header, footer, and parameterizable documents (intelligent SMARTY processing engine)
  • to produce ready to print PDF documents
  • document archiving, version management
  • categorizable documents
  • a separate virtual storage space per training session for storing documents created or filed during training
  • online partner fixer (partners can add a new client without touching the module)

Tangible asset registry module:

  • individual inventory of assets
  • unique identification of devices
  • unique identification of devices
  • production and printing of tangible asset cartons
  • making statistics

A. Inventory module:

  • part of the tangible asset module
  • link to a project
  • accurate tracking of the storage / use location of the device
  • NAV format data recording
  • print archives related to inventory management
  • determination of the responsibles
  • deadline monitoring, warnings
  • calculating depreciation for cost-bearing sites, projects, and individuals

Document management module:

  • documents that can be added as pre-templates ensure that the contract is completed correctly
  • automatic document fill based on existing data
  • version control of documents
  • complete document management system with scanning and recording capability
  • complete e-filing system with searchability and systematization
  • possibility of labeling, project, invoice binding