Scan&Go-CT – Filter bus

The structure of the mobile diagnostic filtering station:
The filter station is a 10-meter-long superstructure built on a 16-tonne IVECO EUROCARGO ML 160 25 / P truck chassis. The standard equipment of the filter station is a computer tomography equipment suitable for low-dose chest shots of Siemens Somatom Emotion 16 type, an ultrasound device for general medical, cardiological, urological, and gynecological examinations of the EDAN U 50 type and EDAN SE-12 Express (12 channels) EKG, blood pressure meter, test unit equipped with blood glucose measuring equipment.
If special filtering needs, the basic equipment expandable with instruments for ophthalmic (Keller Pulsair intelligent non contact tonometer), oral cavity screening, equipment and audiological equipment. The filter bus is equipped with an electro-hydraulic lifting device for the disabled.

Site conditions required for resettlement:
Area Requirement: solid-coated horizontal 15 x 5 meter space
Electrical connection within 50 meters: 3 x 63 Amper

Our activities:
– Filter station rental with basic diagnostic equipment (CT, ultrasound, EKG, equipped internal workplace)
– Filter station rental with a unique fleet of tools

Contact: +36 82 / 511-290

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Vatner Kft. - MED-SCOP
Vatner Kft. - MED-SCOP
Vatner Kft. - MED-SCOP