Internship Program at Vatner Kft

Széchenyi 2020 ESZA


Beneficiary’s name: Vatner Kft.

Project title: Internship program at Vatner Kft

Amount of support: 21 691 121 Ft

Support rate: 100%

Content: In the framework of the project, we took up 7 entrant youthful, 1 logistic agent, 2 electrician, 1 furniture technician, 1 painter, decorator and 2 electronics technician. In addition to these, three of our colleagues attended in the project as a mentor, as a corporate trainee contact. We also got the tools to work for the trainees. The cost of providing mandatory publicity and overhead is charged on a flat-rate basis.

Planned or actual end date: 2018.05.15.

Project identification number: GINOP-5.2.4-16-2016-00776