The Surgiscop Project

Project Title:
The development of the Surgiscop wireless surgical and diagnostic device group for educational and medical purposes and the related prototype of joint models for simulated training, as well as the establishment of a training operating room.

Project Description:
The goal of the project is to develop the prototype of the Surgiscop digital imaging product family and a related mobile image processing and display system which are to be used for wireless diagnostics and surgical procedures in both human and veterinary medicine. This makes it possible to develop and optimize surgical procedures for the sake of better patient care, and it also allows for the training of medical and veterinary professionals and students to acquire renewed surgical procedures evolved by the system itself.

The development of the product family may increase the range of procedures based on laparoscopy / arthroscopy techniques which allow for fast minimally invasive treatment of patients, decrease hospitalization time, cause significantly less postoperative pain, and help avoid complications usually entailed by traditional surgical procedures. As another important point, operations become more tolerable for patients /owners in terms of cosmetic considerations. Even though these are not cheap pieces of equipment, because of the above reasons the decreased post-operative after-care time, the savings on drug costs, the rapid rehabilitation of patients make it all exceptionally effective from an economic point of view.

Another important feature of the developed system is that, instead of some old complicated equipment, which is hard to move or transport, it provides a lightweight rapid deployment mobile product, that allows for using the above surgical procedures in wider professional areas. The main advantage of the system for veterinary practice is that the same pieces of equipment can be used with different species (exotic birds, tortoise, dogs, horses, etc.), so the equipment to be made could help a wide range of veterinary specialists.

Its mobility allows for widespread training of professionals, because the proper skills for using the so-called 'Keyhole Techniques' can only be acquired through special courses offered at very few places. The developed system includes a digital training material and a number of silicone torsos which surgeons could use for practice-oriented learning of the theoretical and practical basics of this special area.

The main areas of development are:

  • Laparoscopic hand camera: development of a hand camera compatible with currently used laparoscopic trocars that can be connected wireless to the portable display and recorder unit. For several procedures, laparoscopic surgery counts as a 'gold standard' in human surgical practice – for the treatment of certain disorders, this procedure is regarded as the preferred first choice intervention.
  • Arthroscopic hand camera: development of a hand camera compatible with currently used arthroscopic trocars that can be connected wireless to the portable display and recorder unit. Arthroscopy is also a minimally invasive surgical procedure where the surgeon visualizes, diagnoses and treats the damage of the interior of a joint.
  • Testing the developed system in animal model experiments to work out new surgical procedures
  • Recording and digitalizing surgical procedures and developing teaching files and web-based training modules
  • Creating silicone torsos on joints of horse and dog species which are most often related to athroscopy, using CT and MRI image reconstruction and 3D digital scanning of anatomical specimens.
  • Establishment of a training lab based on the wireless system and the silicone torsos
Name and Contact Details of the Grant Beneficiary
"VATNER" Industry, Trade and Services Ltd., and the University of Kaposvar

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MAG- Hungarian Economic Development Centre Inc.
Address: 1139. Budapest, Váci út 83., Center Point 2. Business Center, Ground Floor
Mailing address: 1539 Budapest, P.O. Box 684
Info-line: +36(40) 200-617

National Development Agency
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Mailing address: 1393 Budapest, P.O. Box 332.
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