Integrated Service Management

Operation, maintenance and reparation of the complete range of medical equipment of healthcare institutions, including consumable materials and spare parts supply. For the institutions that use our services, the most tangible result is the fact, that their own activities become simpler. By only paying a single flat rate invoice, they have us to solve all their issues with the reparation and management of their equipment, consumables shipment and spare parts supply, as well as documentation and training. This results in predictable financing, better access to devices and enhanced legal security for our users. With our professionals continuously present in these institutions, we can guarantee optimal reparation and maintenance time, and the high operational reliability of their equipment. We regularly provide institutions with records, analysis and report which improve both predictability and efficiency.

Our main service management tasks include:

  • Regular preventive maintenance, compliant with technical specifications
  • Administration of warranty repairs
  • Preparation of maintenance schedule
  • Documentation of maintenance and repairs
  • Representation and assistance with authority inspections
  • Implementation and documentation of compulsory periodic inspections
  • Reparation of faulty equipment (with the help of authorized service centres, if necessary)
  • Continuous technical conditions assessment
  • Preparation of waste disposal proposals
  • Continuous service readiness in case of failure of life-saving equipment
  • Maximum of 40 minutes response time
  • Consumables and spare parts supply
  • Providing temporary replacement units, if necessary (contract based)
  • Guarantees on the operational reliability of equipment (contract based)
  • Professional staff training and instruction
  • Consultancy